Nate Hanson

Hello, I’m Nate. I live in the stunning Pacific Northwest with my family, surrounded by the majestic beauty of Mt. Hood and the converging Clackamas, Willamette, and Columbia rivers. For many years, I dedicated myself to leading worship, planting churches, and doing urban mission work. However, my beliefs and assumptions about the Bible were challenged when I started exploring the topic of hell.

This experience marked the start of a long journey of reimagining the Bible and how we approach it. As I examined my faith, I became disillusioned with many aspects of the church and theological systems that I once supported. But through this process, I discovered a community of people who, like me, were seeking a more authentic and beautiful path forward.

Now, I’m committed to helping others who feel disillusioned or burnt out with their understanding of God and spirituality. Together, we can find better answers and a more meaningful journey.

Shelby Hanson

Hello there, it’s Shelby! A few years ago, I was set to become a bible translator for unreached people groups across the globe. However, after attending bible college, I found myself losing my fundamentalist faith. That experience has made me passionate about helping others reimagine their relationship with the Bible and Christianity.

As a master’s graduate in biblical studies, I’m constantly exploring the complexities of who wrote the Bible, how it was canonized, and the underrepresentation of women’s voices. These are important questions for anyone associated with the Bible, but they’re often limited to seminaries and Bible colleges.

That’s why I’m dedicated to bridging the gap between academic biblical studies and the real world. There is so much to learn, and I believe that by sharing my expertise and perspective, I can inspire change in others, just as my own perspective has been transformed.

The Show

Almost Heretical was born out of a shared desire between Nate Hanson and Tim Ritter to invite others into their own journeys of deconstructing and reimagining their faith. Their friendship began as pastors in San Francisco. Nate experienced a mix of disillusionment with the church and questioning of his beliefs. Tim experienced abuse and toxicity within the church. This all served as a catalyst for their deconstruction. After moving to Oregon, they decided to start sharing their conversations publicly and the first episodes were recorded in Tim’s backyard in December 2017.

Today, the show is co-hosted by Nate and Shelby Hanson. Shelby is a bible scholar with an MA in Biblical Studies. Together, they provide a fresh perspective on theology, gender, canonization, sexuality, and more, challenging traditional interpretations of the Bible.

At Almost Heretical, we aim to create a safe and inclusive community for those questioning, deconstructing, leaving, or changing in their relationship to God, church, and the Bible. Our goal is to make Christianity possible again by showing that Jesus is also outside the walls of the church, having been cast out and silenced by those in religious power. We use the Bible as a tool to de-weaponize the Bible itself and open doors to conversation and dialogue that isn’t allowed in most church settings.

If you’re feeling disillusioned or burned out with your understanding of God and spirituality, we’re here to help. Our show and community are designed to encourage you and help you feel less alone on this journey. We want to hear your story and offer a listening ear, so feel free to reach out to us. If you become a member, we’ll see you on the next Zoom call and in the private Facebook Group.