Rethinking Church: The Unexpected Journey Back to Church

In this episode of “Utterly Heretical,” we embark on a reflective journey titled ‘rethinking church.’ This exploration delves deeply into how our family relates to the church amidst shifting beliefs. Moreover, we share our experiences and insights, offering a unique perspective on navigating faith.

The Decision to Return to Church

Interestingly, our return to church, despite holding progressive views, is a central theme. We openly discuss the reasons behind this decision, such as the desire for community and moral guidance for our children. Consequently, how do we build these elements outside traditional religious settings? Furthermore, we explore the implications of this choice and its potential impact on our family life.

Navigating Complex Topics with Children

Additionally, a key focus of the episode is how we approach teaching challenging topics to our kids. For example, topics like hell can be difficult to explain. We discuss finding a balance between traditional teachings and our current beliefs. Therefore, how do we ensure that our children get a well-rounded understanding in their Sunday school lessons?

Community: The Heart of Church Experience

Importantly, we emphasize that church is more than its rituals or doctrines. At its core, it’s about the sense of community it provides. Similarly, our discussion includes our attempts to create community spaces outside of traditional church settings. We also share why we eventually felt drawn back to a more structured church environment.

Our Progressive Christian Perspective

Throughout the episode, we maintain a focus on rethinking church. Not just as a physical space or a set of doctrines, but as a concept that can evolve with our changing beliefs. Specifically, we share our journey through the lens of progressive Christianity, including redefining what it means to be a part of a church community.

Conclusion: Redefining Faith and Community

Finally, join us in this thought-provoking episode. We navigate the complexities of aligning progressive beliefs with traditional church structures. In addition, we share insights on instilling service-minded values in our family. This journey is about creating a fulfilling life that resonates with our evolving beliefs and values.

This episode is from our second podcast called Utterly Heretical. You can get access by becoming a patron!

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