We'd love to use your story in an upcoming episode of the show. If you're comfortable with this, there are just a couple steps to send your recording to us:


1. Get your phone and plug in a pair of earbuds with a mic on them. On your phone, open up a new voice memo (iOS) and hit record. OR you can call 503-343-4788 and leave your story on our show voicemail. (The voicemail option allows you to record 3 minutes at a time. Feel free to call back if it's longer!)

2. Start with, "Hi Nate & Tim, it's (First Name) from (City)." If you don't want to use your real name/city, just make one up!

3. Tell your story. We do as that you'd keep it under 5 minutes, but it's okay if it's a bit longer than that too. :)

4. Once you're done, go to this link here and upload your audio file. It will send it straight to us.