Brian McLaren: Christianity Beyond Belief

Brian McLaren discusses the evolution of the conversation around faith and deconstruction over the past 20 years. They explore the rise of the deconstruction movement, the impact of Donald Trump on the faith community, and the need for change and awakening in the church. McLaren shares insights on the concept of deconstruction and its historical roots, highlighting the importance of questioning and challenging the status quo. He also emphasizes the need for a new imagination and different ways of living and being Christian in the face of our current multi-crisis situation.

The conversation explores the concept of beliefs and actions in Christianity, emphasizing the importance of living a Christ-like life rather than focusing solely on doctrinal beliefs. The guests discuss the role of beliefs in faith and question why beliefs have become more important than actions in modern Christianity. They also touch on topics such as the concept of hell, the practice of baptism, and the interconnectedness of different faiths. The conversation concludes with a discussion on the future of Christianity and the need for constructive options for those who are leaving traditional religious institutions.


  • The conversation around faith and deconstruction has evolved over the past 20 years, with more people questioning and challenging their beliefs.
  • The rise of Donald Trump and the alignment of conservative Christianity with his presidency has fueled the deconstruction movement.
  • Deconstruction is not a new concept; it has historical roots in the axial age and the Protestant Reformation.
  • The current deconstruction movement is part of a larger shift in consciousness towards interconnection, sustainability, and reimagining ways of living.
  • Being critical of the Christian faith does not mean rejecting all aspects of it; it means standing with Jesus in critiquing and seeking change within the church. Christianity should be more about living a Christ-like life than adhering to specific doctrinal beliefs.
  • The emphasis on beliefs in modern Christianity may overshadow the importance of actions and living in a way that brings goodness into the world.
  • The concept of hell and the practice of baptism are reexamined, highlighting the need to focus on how we treat others rather than what we believe.
  • The conversation explores the interconnectedness of different faiths and the value of learning from and respecting other cultures and beliefs.
  • As more people leave traditional religious institutions, there is a need for constructive options and spaces for those who still seek spiritual meaning and purpose.

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