Canon: Timeline of New Testament Writings


When were the documents of the New Testament written? Does it matter that details of the Gospels changed over time? What did “Bible,” “scripture,” or “canon” even mean in the first century? In this new series, Nate and Shelby dive into the formation of the New Testament canon. This episode examines the order in which the gospels were written and how we see changes and developments over time.

Pilot’s Guilt in Crucifixion of Jesus:

  • Mark 15:1-15

  • Matthew 27:11-26

  • Luke 23:3-27

  • John 18:28 – John 19:16

Where does Jesus’ divinity begin in each gospel?:

  • Mark 1:9-11

  • Matthew 1:18 – Matthew 2:23

  • Luke 2

  • John 1:1-14

More stories to watch progress over time through Mark, Matthew, Luke, then John:

  • Woman who anoints Jesus

  • Peter’s denial

  • Resurrection

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