Hell & Heaven

Many of us are terrified of Hell, but should we be? Is Christianity supposed to ease our anxieties around death or exasperate them? And is Hell really about torture? Teachings on hell tap into our deepest fears; Will be cared for? Can we truly feel safe with God? If the gospel we’ve heard does not soothe our fears of being punished and abandoned, but instead increases them, it’s not good news.


How the Bible Works

Is the Bible inerrant? Is it a law book? Does it have anything to say to us today? Come reimagine what the Bible is and explore it as a literary mosaic in which various texts are pieced together to form a kind of theological portrait.



Does Paul really think that women shouldn't teach in the church? The 2000-year-old written words of Paul have caused us to only be led by half of the church. It's time for that to change!



Is God a monster? Does he require blood to be satisfied, and did Jesus jump in front of God's bullet for us? We explore that problems with Penal Substitutionary Atonement theory and consider more beautiful ways to think about what Jesus did.



The Bible is a story about power. We try to prove that and show how the christian ethic is one of giving up our power.



In this series, we kick off the podcast sharing how we got to be in a shed in Oregon from leading churches and we trace a few themes through the Bible and see if the biblical writers thought there were more than one god, and divine beings that we were at war with.