Anna Gazmarian: Religious OCD and Mental Illness

We delve into the complex intersection of faith, mental health, and religious OCD with Anna Gazmarian, author of Devout: A Memoir of Doubt. Anna shares her personal journey through the challenges of confronting her mental health diagnosis within the church, her experiences of doubting faith, and dealing with the aftermath of sexual assault and being dismissed from her church role. This episode explores how Anna navigated the path to understanding and acceptance, shedding light on the often misunderstood aspects of religious OCD and scrupulosity.

Listeners will gain insight into Anna’s struggle with the church’s response to her mental health issues and how her faith intersected with the challenges of religious OCD. Through Anna’s story, we address pivotal questions: How does one maintain faith amidst mental health struggles? What does it mean to doubt within a religious context? And how can the church better support individuals dealing with religious OCD and mental health diagnoses?

Join us as we discuss the importance of questioning and the role of faith in mental health recovery. Whether you’re someone who has experienced similar challenges or you’re seeking to understand the nuances of religious OCD and faith, this episode offers a compassionate perspective on finding hope and resilience. Anna’s journey highlights the need for a more inclusive and understanding approach within religious communities towards mental health.

If you’re at a crossroads with your faith, facing mental health challenges, or simply interested in the conversation around religious OCD and spirituality, this episode is a must-listen. Anna’s candid sharing provides a beacon of hope and a reminder that questioning and doubt can lead to a deeper understanding of one’s faith and self.

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